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Does Your Property Need Waterproofing? Yes! Here’s Why

Your commercial building in South Florida is constantly being exposed to wet conditions. Sometimes it is in the form of rainfall or a tropical storm but is most commonly caused by humidity. Commercial waterproofing in South Florida can go a long way in protecting your property, which can be as big an investment as your home. With so many expenses involved in your property’s upkeep, waterproofing may be the last on your list. However, this is a preventative measure that you can’t afford to neglect, especially in a tropical environment such as South Florida.

What is Waterproofing? 

When you want your property to be resistant to water, you perform a process known as waterproofing. This is performed on the exterior of the building but helps it become more breathable which prevents moisture buildup from occurring inside. It is recommended that you waterproof your building to prevent damage, but if you neglect to do so, the building will reveal the need for waterproofing in multiple ways. 

  • Water enters the space 
  • Floors, walls, and drywall get wet
  • Condensation 
  • Windows develop leaks
  • White stains develop on walls

4 Ways You Benefit from Waterproofing

Water damage can lead to serious problems with the integrity of the building’s foundation, resulting in costly repairs. Furthermore, the damp environment within your building can cause mold and mildew to develop, which can lead to health issues for anyone who enters the building. You are certain to benefit from waterproofing in several ways. 

Save Money

If you hesitate to waterproof your building because you think it’s expensive and unnecessary, consider the cost of damages when flooding does occur. Flood damage is not uncommon in Florida, as it is considered a high-risk state for flooding. Even parts of Florida that are marked as low-risk can experience such damage. In truth, the upfront cost of waterproofing services is nothing compared to the potential out-of-pocket costs when flooding occurs. Additionally, waterproofing puts money towards your investment, as the property value may increase as a result.

Prevents Rot

Consistent exposure to moisture can cause rot to develop in your building. Remember that moisture can attack your property in many forms – rain, humidity, even sprinklers, and drain pipes can wreak havoc to a property. A moist environment is perfect for plants to thrive and as they grow closer to your building, they add to your water problems by holding in moisture which is then dispersed all around them. All of this will result in rot, which can cause the building to collapse if neglected. 

Even buildings that use steel instead of wood can suffer from rot. If the building is not breathable, then rot will form, causing the building to rust. As a result, the foundation will inevitably fail.

UV Resistant

Much like you apply sunscreen to protect your skin against ultraviolet radiation (UV), you must protect a building with waterproofing. This process will add a barrier of protection that helps the building become capable of withstanding harmful UV rays. Many individuals don’t stop to think about this, but UV damage is a possibility among buildings and it can weaken the structure’s material, as well as the contents inside the building.

Increases Energy-Efficiency

If you are constantly scratching your head over ways to save money on your commercial property, this is one solution. Energy costs on your commercial space will decrease, as waterproofing helps buildings become more energy-efficient. By preventing water and moisture to enter, it regulates the temperature inside. As a result, the HVAC system does not have to work harder to compensate for the changes in temperature. This will decrease your electricity bill, putting more money in your wallet or towards expenses that can improve your business.

Contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an integral part of maintaining the health of your commercial building. When you need service you can count on, contact our team today. We have served Florida for over 35 years, specializing in commercial painting and waterproofing services for high-rise condominiums and commercial buildings. Our business has been built on a reputation of outstanding workmanship thanks to a team of highly qualified and skilled waterproofing contractors.

Our certified contractors use only the highest-grade coatings and bring extensive experience in:

  • Offices 
  • High-rises
  • Condominium and HOA communities
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centers
  • Medical and care facilities
  • Warehousing
  • Schools and colleges

For commercial waterproofing in South Florida, contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing. Call (888)367-2706 for a project quote.

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How Can Electrostatic Painting in South Florida Make Things Easier on Your Next Painting Project?

electrostatic painter central florida

One of the challenges with any commercial painting project is the durability of the work will not last. The sun, wind, and rain will cause the paint to fade and chip every two to three years. These issues lead to constantly repainting and sealing the surface to protect against the elements. 

Technology is making changes by creating solutions that are longer-lasting, more durable, and cost-effective. Electrostatic painting in South Florida is one of the best ways to ensure that your paint job lasts. 

The secret is charging the paint molecules as it leaves the gun and sticks to the surface. The effects are that this form of painting is considerably stronger and lasts longer than traditional solutions. You don’t have to worry about constantly repainting the surface, and you will make things easier by using these techniques on your next project. 

The Coating

Typically, power coatings are some of the strongest paint materials to enhance the durability and protection of the paint. However, most of these applications are common in industrial settings, and using these substances for your projects was difficult. 

In the last several years, technology has made powder coatings available through electrostatic painting in South Florida. These solutions are flexible and applied to any surface to bring out the beauty. 

For example, suppose you are working on a metal garage door with peeling paint and rust. Electrostatic painting makes everything look new by going deep into the molecules of the metal. The rust spots disappear, and you have an extra layer of protection that can withstand the elements. 

A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing can help with our knowledge and specialization in electrostatic painting. We are your premier painting contractor in South Florida and will make your project look new. 

Paint Loss

Paint loss is a problem for any project from over-spraying the surface and the paint dropped on the ground.

Statistics from the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center find that $83 out of every $100 is lost to over spraying. 

Many times, several coats are applied to get the density and look to create a professional finish. The challenge is over-spraying and dropped paint on other surfaces increases the costs and requires more materials. When you are using a paint sprayer, some of the paint will also dissipate into the air. 

Electrostatic painting charges the paint with positive molecules and makes the paint heavier when leaving the gun. The paint goes on smoother and with fewer coats than the traditional solutions available in the marketplace. You save money and paint by using electrostatic solutions to get a professional look on the first coat. You don’t have to paint, wait for everything to dry, and apply multiple coats. 

Electrostatic painting creates less paint loss, and you will see the paint stick to the surface and avoid over-spraying. 

A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing uses electrostatic painting on some of the different commercial structures throughout the area. Take a drive by the Triton Condominiums and see how this paint gives the property an excellent look and feel. 


Electrostatic painting does not save you money when you compare purchasing the paint with other options up front. However, the value comes from the application of the paint with less paint loss and durability. You will not have to spend money on the paint for many years or the labor costs of applying the paint are lower. 

The value comes from what you save over time by not constantly repainting the same surface. The paint application paint is less, usually one coat, and you do not worry about buying two to three extra cans. 

A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing gives you a professional look and feel on your projects. We use electrostatic painting on different surfaces, including railings, balconies, windows, door frames, and storefronts. We are experts in this painting and no job is too big or small for us. 


We can customize the electrostatic paint to match any surface and give you a quality finish. You never worry about mixing or matching issues with this solution and your materials will have a great look and feel. 

A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing can match the electrostatic paint to anything you have on your property. 

Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Electrostatic painting in South Florida is the go-to solution for doing things right the first time. Call A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing today at 888-367-2706 and let us help you do a great job on your next project. 

We are off North Flamingo Road, near the Plantation Acres North Park and the Plantation Equestrian Center. 

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4 Surprising Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Building

commercial waterproofing contractor south florida

When people think about the benefits of commercial waterproofing in South Florida, protection against water is the first (and only) one that comes to mind. This one benefit may not be enough for individuals to contact a professional contractor for waterproofing services. You may not be looking at the whole picture, but at A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing, we do. We know both the obvious and surprising benefits that come from our services, not because we have been in this industry for decades, but they were shared with us by our grateful clients. So, let’s take a look at the whole picture.

Lowers Flood Insurance

Businesses demand a lot of coverage that can really add up. Unfortunately, flooding is typically not included under standard commercial policies, so you must pay a separate expense for flood insurance. In areas like South Florida that experience devastating hurricanes, flood insurance is a lot more than a “just in case” purchase. It’s more like a “this will probably happen to me” purchase that you cannot afford to neglect. However, professional waterproofing will not only protect your commercial property, saving you countless on repairs, but it may also lower your flood insurance rates. It’s enough to make a significant difference over the years.

Creates A Healthy Environment

Do you know what is the ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow? They thrive in warm, damp conditions. You may be thinking you’re safe because you set your office temperature to 75 degrees F or lower every day. It’s important to note that mold and mildew thrive in warm and damp environments, but that does not mean they won’t grow in cool, damp environments, as well. They certainly do and it creates an unhealthy environment for your employees. Prolonged exposure causes asthma, hay fever, shortness of breath, dry coughs, and other serious medical conditions. Waterproofing ensures that your office environment is healthy and your coworkers stay happy.  At A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing, you can count on us to help your commercial building stay watertight year-round with our waterproofing services.

Protects Your Floor

Beneath most floors is a few inches of concrete flooring, which is relatively thin. Any concrete, but especially thin, will have a difficult time withstanding pressure from groundwater. Over time, the concrete will get weaker, start to erode, and result in cracks and leaks. One way to determine if the underlying concrete is affected is to look at the exterior concrete. Does it look like it’s rusting and eroding? If so, chances are the underlying concrete is deteriorating, too. Protect your floors with our professional waterproofing services. Not only can we address stubborn leaks, but we can prevent them from occurring in vulnerable areas. Always remember that water tightness is at the heart of a long-lasting commercial building, especially in hot, humid climates.

Prevents Structural Damage

This benefit probably goes without saying but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating. It’s never a good idea to ignore cracks and other damages to the foundation of a building – whether it’s your home or commercial property. As you may know, you risk water damage to walls, floors, and the foundation. Furthermore, it can lead to additional problems, such as mold growth and other health concerns. You can save money by waterproofing inside and outside your commercial property and eliminate the need for costly repairs.

Bottom Line

Unless your building is in good condition, there is no reason to delay professional waterproofing services. If money is a concern, consider that you risk spending more in the future repairing water damage. Don’t forget the health risks it poses to your employees. Additionally, if you own the property, you want to ensure it does not deteriorate before you can sell it, as any kind of damage, especially mold and water, can significantly reduce the value of your property. Therefore, by waterproofing, you ensure the building’s overall protection, but you also increase the property value if the time comes to sell.

Contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing

We have serviced Central and South Florida for over 35 years, providing commercial painting and waterproofing services. Our certified waterproofing contractors use only the highest-grade coatings and bring extensive experience in commercial properties, such as high-rises, condominium, and HOA communities, hotels, shopping centers, medical and care facilities, warehousing, schools, and colleges. If you are looking for a top-tier painting contractor for commercial waterproofing in South Florida, contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing. Call (888)367-2706 to request a quote.

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Tips To Protect Your Impact Windows & Doors During Hurricane Season

commercial painter south florida

Now that hurricane season is upon us, more individuals are preparing by installing impact windows and doors to their commercial property. To ensure your investment lasts longer, it’s important to implement proper maintenance and upkeep. By doing this, you also prevent costly repairs. Contact a commercial painting contractor in South Florida to apply electrostatic paint to your impact doors and windows and follow these important maintenance tips.

Hire Someone You Trust For Installations

Never neglect this first step as this will ensure your impact windows and doors last longer. Make sure they are installed by a reliable professional you know and trust. If they are installed by someone with poor craftsmanship, they won’t be able to withstand the strong winds and rain when your property is hit by a hurricane. It won’t even matter if they are a high-quality product.

Some people would prefer to hire the most affordable contractor available, but this can turn out to be a huge gamble. You may end up spending more to repair the damage the storm caused to your home than you would have on a proper installation. 

Remove Dirt And Grime From The Frame

Dirt and grime can quickly accumulate on the frame of your impact windows and doors. If dirt, dust, and debris get inside the space between the glass and the frame, it can weaken the structure of your windows and doors. When cleaning to remove dirt and grime, it’s also recommended to check for openings in the frame that water can seep through. If you spot any, make sure to get them sealed up.  

Inspect Coating

When you purchase high-impact windows and doors, they have a microscopic thin coating that helps them withstand objects hurled at them by strong winds. Therefore, make sure to have the glass professionally inspected after a hurricane. If the special coating experienced abrasions, cracks, scratches, or disturbances of any kind, this can affect its ability to withstand another hurricane. If you see any disturbances, the top coating should be immediately replaced with a new film.

Only Use Dry Cleaning Methods

Another helpful tip is to use dry cleaning methods, like a blow dryer or vacuum to clean the gaskets and sealants. A lot of liquids, like water and fluid disinfectants, may not provide the streak-free results you’re after. When using dry cleaning methods, make sure the appliance you use is set to medium heat, so it does not cause damage.

Not only does this method help to eliminate streaks, but it can also protect your windows and door against corrosion if you have aluminum frames, which can result from any liquid that does not properly dry.

Use Electrostatic Paint On Your Frames

If the window and door frames of your commercial businesses are aluminum and prone to experiencing rust, don’t get them replaced. Instead of replacing them, hire a professional like the team at A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing to repaint your frames with electrostatic paint. We specialize in electrostatic painting in South Florida, servicing commercial properties for over 35 years. Other paints will not adhere to the aluminum, but electrostatic paint perfectly attaches itself to the material, making your windows and door look brand new.

This is possible because the positive charge found in the paint is attracted to the negative charge found in aluminum, allowing the paint to penetrate the surface of the material. Additionally, it can strengthen the aluminum, ultimately strengthening your impact windows and door overall. While this may not seem like a noteworthy improvement, during hurricane season, any additional protection makes a big difference.

Contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing

For over 35 years, we have serviced central and south Florida, specializing in painting and waterproofing services for commercial buildings. Quality is important to us because we know it’s important to our customers. We only use high-quality products, and our skilled and professional painting contractors get the job done right the first time. Our team also knows how valuable our client’s time is, which is why we offer a flexible schedule to ensure we don’t interrupt their work operations.For a commercial painting contractor in South Florida, contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing. Call (888)367-2706 and request a quote.

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Look For These 4 Qualities In A Commercial Waterproofing Company

commercial painter south florida

Before you choose a commercial waterproofing company for a project, it’s important to research the company thoroughly to ensure they meet the following requirements. This will protect your building and make sure water never enters. An expert company, like A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing, can mitigate the loss of the building’s structural integrity.

These are the criteria to look for in a company and how our contractors meet the mark every time.

High-quality Products

When sealant begins to deteriorate, it’s important to quickly make the necessary repairs to prevent gaps in the structure. As a result, knowing the right material for your building and location is important. When you work with our commercial contractors in South Florida, they will advise you on the right solution for your unique situation. It is also important that products be backed by a comprehensive warranty. Some products are better than others and a warranty proves that the company has tested the products they use and stands by them. A warranty ensures that if anything goes wrong, you will not be financially liable.

At A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing, we only use top-tier products and manufacturers to ensure your building looks great at an affordable price with a comprehensive warranty. Some of the name brands we use are:

  • Benjamin Moore
  • Master Builders Solutions
  • Dow Corning
  • PPG Pittsburgh Saints
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Sika Sarnafil


When it comes to your building’s foundation, it’s important to hire a company with years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. Experience comes in many forms, not just the number of years the company has been in business. Experienced contractors will have previously worked on jobs similar to yours and know the best products for the building and weather. In South Florida, where we experience lots of rain and humidity, the weather can drastically affect the building foundation. Our team has over 35 years of experience handling projects in South Florida, so we know the weatherproofing and waterproofing techniques that work in a wet humid climate.

Additionally, we have worked on countless commercial projects, waterproofing condominiums, hotels, and retail centers, so we understand how important your time is to you. Our team will quickly and efficiently complete the project, so you can return to business as usual. Our work ensures all leaks get repaired, and we reduce the risk of leaks in the future. Finally, we always ensure a safe environment for you and the building occupants.

Trained And Certified Contractors

This is not an area where you want to cut corners. Hiring a team of contractors who have reached the highest level of training will ensure the job gets done right the first time. Not only do our certified waterproofing contractors use only the highest-grade coatings and commercial sealants, but they also have years of training to prevent water infiltration and damage to the building.

Multiple Solutions

Commercial waterproofing goes beyond applying a water-resistant coating. It entails a fine-tuned process with multiple steps, beginning with a building inspection to see the size and condition of the problem to determine the building’s waterproofing requirements. Not only will they treat the foundation, but they will also implement strategies to redirect water from the building if necessary. We don’t merely apply sealant and then hope for the best – we perform destruction testing, a technique to ensure the sealant will remain intact, while exposing vulnerabilities, like dry rot and mold. While some companies may cut corners, we understand the importance of these additional solutions in ensuring durability and long-lasting results.

Bottom Line

It may be more convenient to choose the closest waterproofing company, but keep in mind that this approach doesn’t guarantee results. It will more likely bring about headaches and financial upset as you hire another company to redo the poor job performed by the original company. Don’t let this happen to you. Make the right choice the first time.

Contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing

For over 35 years, we have serviced South Florida, delivering high-quality results in painting and waterproofing. We have completed projects for many commercial building types, using high-quality products that are backed with a comprehensive warranty. We have offices in both Central and South Florida. For commercial waterproofing services, contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing. Call (888)367-2706 to request a quote.