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Look For These 4 Qualities In A Commercial Waterproofing Company

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Before you choose a commercial waterproofing company for a project, it’s important to research the company thoroughly to ensure they meet the following requirements. This will protect your building and make sure water never enters. An expert company, like A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing, can mitigate the loss of the building’s structural integrity.

These are the criteria to look for in a company and how our contractors meet the mark every time.

High-quality Products

When sealant begins to deteriorate, it’s important to quickly make the necessary repairs to prevent gaps in the structure. As a result, knowing the right material for your building and location is important. When you work with our commercial contractors in South Florida, they will advise you on the right solution for your unique situation. It is also important that products be backed by a comprehensive warranty. Some products are better than others and a warranty proves that the company has tested the products they use and stands by them. A warranty ensures that if anything goes wrong, you will not be financially liable.

At A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing, we only use top-tier products and manufacturers to ensure your building looks great at an affordable price with a comprehensive warranty. Some of the name brands we use are:

  • Benjamin Moore
  • Master Builders Solutions
  • Dow Corning
  • PPG Pittsburgh Saints
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Sika Sarnafil


When it comes to your building’s foundation, it’s important to hire a company with years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. Experience comes in many forms, not just the number of years the company has been in business. Experienced contractors will have previously worked on jobs similar to yours and know the best products for the building and weather. In South Florida, where we experience lots of rain and humidity, the weather can drastically affect the building foundation. Our team has over 35 years of experience handling projects in South Florida, so we know the weatherproofing and waterproofing techniques that work in a wet humid climate.

Additionally, we have worked on countless commercial projects, waterproofing condominiums, hotels, and retail centers, so we understand how important your time is to you. Our team will quickly and efficiently complete the project, so you can return to business as usual. Our work ensures all leaks get repaired, and we reduce the risk of leaks in the future. Finally, we always ensure a safe environment for you and the building occupants.

Trained And Certified Contractors

This is not an area where you want to cut corners. Hiring a team of contractors who have reached the highest level of training will ensure the job gets done right the first time. Not only do our certified waterproofing contractors use only the highest-grade coatings and commercial sealants, but they also have years of training to prevent water infiltration and damage to the building.

Multiple Solutions

Commercial waterproofing goes beyond applying a water-resistant coating. It entails a fine-tuned process with multiple steps, beginning with a building inspection to see the size and condition of the problem to determine the building’s waterproofing requirements. Not only will they treat the foundation, but they will also implement strategies to redirect water from the building if necessary. We don’t merely apply sealant and then hope for the best – we perform destruction testing, a technique to ensure the sealant will remain intact, while exposing vulnerabilities, like dry rot and mold. While some companies may cut corners, we understand the importance of these additional solutions in ensuring durability and long-lasting results.

Bottom Line

It may be more convenient to choose the closest waterproofing company, but keep in mind that this approach doesn’t guarantee results. It will more likely bring about headaches and financial upset as you hire another company to redo the poor job performed by the original company. Don’t let this happen to you. Make the right choice the first time.

Contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing

For over 35 years, we have serviced South Florida, delivering high-quality results in painting and waterproofing. We have completed projects for many commercial building types, using high-quality products that are backed with a comprehensive warranty. We have offices in both Central and South Florida. For commercial waterproofing services, contact A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing. Call (888)367-2706 to request a quote.

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How to Find an Excellent Painting Contractor That Will Get the Job Done Right?

Commercial Painting

South Florida is experiencing a boom in real estate, with prices soaring from owners who want to take advantage of the sizable increases. 

According to the Florida Realtors, demand is up 23% year over year of the total closings for properties in South Florida. The good news is the real estate market is strong, and you have lots of flexibility in getting what you want. The unfortunate news is that times like these invite unscrupulous professionals looking to take advantage of unsuspecting property owners. 

Anytime you are looking to do work such as painting, hiring a contractor can be a tedious process. The strong real estate market means that many companies are backed up and can’t keep up with demand. The best avenues for finding an excellent commercial painting contractor requires being aware of those critical signs that help the company to stand out. Here are a few things to look for when searching for a painting contractor in your area. 


The moment you seek out a quote on a painting job from a contractor, you should be watching their punctuality. All of this starts when the company shows up to give you an estimate on the work. They should be on time and never have excuses for being late such as traffic conditions are a problem.

True professionals value your time and demonstrate this by showing up at the time you are expecting them. You could be paying them to do painting on your property, and the least they can do is arrive to the appointment on time. 

If the company is not reliable, just imagine what will happen when you hire them to paint your property. Professionalism starts from the moment the representative walks in the door, and being on time illustrates their careful attention to detail. 

A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing has been serving South Florida since 1983, and we embrace the highest professional standards. No matter the size or complexity of your commercial painting job, our team of trained professionals will get everything done right. 

The Products and Practices

When you are visiting with the commercial painting contractor, you want to learn about the quality of materials and practices they are using. These factors make a big difference in determining the quality of the work and the durability of the paint.

For example, a significant breakthrough is using electrostatic painting when performing the job on your commercial property. This is where we add electrical charges to the paint when applying everything to the surface to ensure the coating looks better and lasts longer. 

The contractor should tell you what materials they are using and the practices to complete the job. The more upfront they are, the better the odds you will be satisfied with the company’s work.  

A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing uses the highest quality materials and practices to get you the best results. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and use electrostatic painting to make your surfaces look new. 


The painting contractor you select should guarantee the quality of their work, such providing as a warranty. A clear and written warranty states what the company will do if the paint does not last or is not up to your satisfaction. 

You want to get everything in writing, from what the company guarantees to the quotes they are providing. All information should be on professional documents that are legible with the firm’s name, address, license number, telephone, and insurance information. 

At A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing, we stand behind the quality of our work and focus on quality. We have completed over 3 thousand commercial projects in the last 25 years and have over 500 satisfied customers. We care about you and will go above and beyond your expectations to make sure you are happy with the job. These are a few things you want to consider when searching for an excellent commercial painting contractor. Call A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing today at 888-367-2706 and see why we are the number one painting contractor in South Florida. We are located near Plantation Acres North Park, just off North Flamingo Road in West Palm Beach. Go with the best and make sure you are getting the job done right the first time.

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How To Find A Commercial Painting Contractor

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An important part of maintaining commercial property is ensuring that it looks presentable. While painting may be a huge project, it’s an important and worthwhile investment. So, when it comes to finding a commercial painting contractor to do the job, look for an experienced, well-trained professional you can trust.

We have served South Florida and Central Florida for over 35 years, specializing in waterproofing services for high-rise condominiums and commercial buildings. We know what business professionals like yourself expect from a painting contractor. As a result, we have put together these helpful insights to hire a qualified professional painter and why A-1 Tropic Painting and Waterproofing meets the mark.

how to begin your search

The first thing you must do is get references from family members, friends, and business acquaintances. From there, it’s important to do your own research on the company with a quick internet search. Don’t narrow your search to the company’s website and social media – read unbiased reviews from third-party review sites before you select multiple candidates you would like to move forward with. It’s important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as that can easily lead to disappointments.

After you have selected a handful of contractors, call and ask for estimates and request an interview. If you think their price is too high, try not to make any hasty decisions. Choosing the company with the lowest estimate isn’t the practical solution, as their low rates may speak to their low quality. Nevertheless, it’s important that you aren’t overpaying for services, which is why contacting multiple companies is highly advisable. That way, you can gauge which one is being dishonest about their costs.

What To Look For In A Reliable Contractor

Before you make a decision, ask the company if their contractors are licensed and insured, then ask for proof of Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation coverage. At A-1 Tropic Painting, we guarantee that all of our experienced contractors are licensed and insured to protect our workers and our clients.

Another important step before hiring a commercial painting contractor is to ask for three references with contact information in case you want to reach out. If the company is established and reputable, they shouldn’t have a problem providing you with three positive references. It’s advised that you ask to speak with customers they have worked within the last six months, so you get an idea of their current work ethics and quality.

Even if commercial contractors share the same title, they don’t all share the same skill set. As a result, you should ascertain that they have the necessary skills for the job. It’s important to know what type of painting they specialize in, and whether they have experience painting in a workspace like yours. Because you don’t want to hire multiple companies to complete different but similar jobs, hire one company that provides multiple services you require. For example, we have completed projects for a variety of commercial buildings, and our commercial painting services are equally as varied:

  • Commercial Re-Painting
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Painting Touch Ups and Repairs
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Sealant Replacements

In the flurry of interviews, reference checks, and insurance verifications, don’t forget to ask what type of materials they use. The quality of the material helps define how good the final product looks and how long the workmanship will last. At A-1 Tropic Painting, we offer a wide range of re-painting and commercial waterproofing services using top-tier products and manufacturers. This will ensure that your building looks great at an affordable price with a comprehensive warranty.

We understand that there is a lot to cover before hiring a professional to complete the job. If you live in Central or South Florida, you can simplify the process and contact A-1 Tropic Painting. Nevertheless, we encourage you to thoroughly research our company to gain peace of mind knowing you have made the right decision.


There is a lot that goes into finding a commercial painting contractor who is highly skilled, honest, and reliable. Following these steps will help you see through the smoke and mirror tricks and avoid the industry’s bad apples. For quality service, contact the team at A-1 Tropic Painting and Waterproofing. Call (561) 670-2653 for a free estimate.

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Checklist for Hiring a Commercial Painting Contractor

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The decision to paint your commercial building is one that should not be taken lightly. There’s the cost, potential impact on business, disruptions to employee working conditions, and much more. But there’s no need to fret – we’re here to help! We’ve put our more than 30 years of experience in commercial painting and waterproofing to work for you by creating this handy checklist of things to consider before hiring a commercial painting contractor.

Before you get your business painted, be sure you cover all bases by asking for the following information:

Painting Contractors License Florida

All professional commercial painting contractors in Florida must have a contractor license from the Construction Industry Licensing Board. There is no license specific to painting work, so a general license will cover any work done. This contractor’s license can be for residential work, commercial work or both. The State of Florida has two types of licenses: registered and certified. A registered contractor is licensed to work at a local level. A certified contractor can work anywhere in the state. A painting contractor should have at least 4 years of working experience and must have passed the state certification exam. In order to obtain the license, a contractor is required to:

  • Show proof of at least 4 years of experience
  • Pass the state certification exam
  • Show proof of Workers’ Compensation if you have employees

Project Bonding

A Florida Contractor License Bond is often required by the State of Florida and its local municipalities of general, electrical, roofing, HVAC, and other types of contractors. The Florida Contractor License Bond typically seeks to ensure that a contractor will adhere to state statutes and local municipal codes. Some forms of these bonds are often referred to as Florida Code Compliance Surety Bonds.


Insurance not only protects the painting contractor but it also prevents you from being held responsible for any injuries occurred during the project. General liability insurance protects paint contractors from bodily injury and property damage claims. Another must-have is Workers’ Compensation which covers employees’ job-related injuries. Contractors are required to make certain that all sub-contractors have the required Workers’ Comp Insurance before they begin work on a project.

Quality of Materials

The quality of paint and other materials used will determine how professional your finished product looks. Have the brand names of the paint in writing, as well as any other materials used, and check that all cans are sealed before they’re opened for use on your project.

Ask for Customer References

Reputation matters. Be sure to not only get the names of recommendations from your painting contactor but ask for work samples and follow up with customer recommendations to make sure they are a good fit. Ask them about the experience and professionalism of the team, if expectations were met, etc.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Once the project is complete, confirm that an inspection will be conducted with the contractor to ensure the end product meets and exceeds your expectations. If it doesn’t, clarify if they have a “satisfaction guaranteed” process.

Best Overall Value

While it can be tempting to save money and go for the lowest bid, make sure the contractor is not sacrificing quality in order to come in with the lowest bid, which is, unfortunately, a common practice. Ask about the qualifications of the team who will be working on your project, materials used, who will be leading the project, etc. A professional painting company will provide you with a solid work plan.

For more than 30 years, A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing has been dedicated to making sure your project is done correctly, on time, every time. Check our references, see our work and give us a call at (561) 670-2653.

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When to Call a Commercial Painting Contractor

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Does your building show signs that it is time to repaint? See our tips below on when to call a commercial painting contractor.

Do it yourself (DIY) projects are everywhere you look, from TV shows and magazines to Pinterest. But even if you are up for a good challenge, there are some projects that are best left to the professionals. Before you pick up that paintbrush, consider these situations where help from a commercial painter contractor is the better option.

You Have an Old Building

Buildings constructed before 1978 most likely have paint that contains lead. Normal renovation activities like repainting can release the lead in lead-based paint, exposing tenants and others in and around these buildings to dangerous levels of lead. Even minimal exposure can harm those who are exposed regularly, especially young children, unborn children, and pregnant women. Precautions must be taken for complete removal or abatement, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines as “permanent containment or encapsulation of” lead-based paint, and should be done by an experienced contractor. Professional contractors use a certified hazardous waste disposal company to ensure the contaminated material is disposed of correctly. If it’s not, you can be charged and possibly fined for illegally trying to dump hazardous materials, so be sure to hire an experienced contractor with credentials and references.

There’s a Lot of Prep Work

With stylish prints and attractive new materials, wallpaper is making a comeback. But there’s one big difference with today’s wallpaper – it’s much easier to remove. New technology like adhesive formulas that peel off walls without leaving a residue is a large part of the appeal now. And there’s a reason for that. If you have an older condominium or other building that has outdated wallpaper, removal can be messy and time-consuming, involving steaming and scraping. Save yourself the headache of removing older wallpaper and use a painting contractor.

Things Are Getting Heavy

Moving heavy furniture can be dangerous, and is definitely not fun. Leave it to the pros to make sure your furniture is protected.

You’re Coming Up Short

Let’s face it – in a commercial building, there are a lot of nooks and crannies to get to and they are often out of reach. Safety is key, so hire a professional to take care of those hard-to-reach spots and everything else.

Your Building Has Character

Decorative moldings, unique lighting fixtures, and detailed railings are design elements that set your building apart from others and give it character. They can also pose an obstacle when adding a fresh coat of paint. In cases like these, hire a professional to ensure a polished look and safeguard your accessories.

For more than 30 years, A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing has been dedicated to making sure your project is done correctly, on time, every time. Check our references, see our work and give us a call at (561) 670-2653.