Learn How to Identify Water Damage, and Selecting the Best Commercial Waterproofing Contractor for Your Buildings Needs

Rain is a daily occurrence during Florida summers. Water can seep through cracks, deteriorated sealants, window and door joints every day of the year. For commercial buildings, leaks can be especially disruptive to business or residential tenants’ comfort and safety. Prevention is key, so we recommend business owners and property managers invest in waterproofing your commercial building. Commercial waterproofing is a simple and inexpensive way to protect your property, save money, increase your property value and give you peace of mind.

Below are the top signs of water damage:

  • Moisture: Look for standing water, condensation on windows and water rings on ceilings.
  • Mold and mildew
  • Musty, stale odors
  • Damp or humid air
  • Cracks in your wall

Living in a state that is below sea level, torrential rains and frequent storms can wreak havoc on low-lying areas. Water damage is costly and timeconsuming. As water seeps through the unprotected infrastructure of your building, detrimental problems like mildew and mold, and damage to the building’s foundation take set. Waterproofing systems prevent this from happening, therefore averting potential serious health issues for your tenants and everyone else.

Waterproofing also makes structures more breathable, allowing moisture to escape. Buildings that are not breathable are perfect breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and rot. This not only poses a health risk but can cause the building to collapse. The same is true for seemingly formidable steel structures. If it is not breathable, water buildup and moisture will cause the steel to rust, which can impede the building’s infrastructure.

Waterproofing your commercial building provides UV resistance, an important benefit to secure the building infrastructure weakened by UV rays. It also increases a building’s energy efficiency, providing significant cost-savings for minimal investment. If a building is not waterproofed, water and moisture can permeate, making it easier for temperature changes to occur. As temperatures change, HVAC systems work overtime to compensate for this flux, causing electricity bills to rise. Waterproofing prevents moisture from entering into the building from the start and regulates temperatures, resulting in lower energy bills.

Protecting the highest point of your building is also critical as leaks can be detrimental to your roof support system. Commercial sealants like spray polyurethane foam fill the cracks and crevices, expanding and drying to make it airtight. When applied properly, this coating will last over 10 years.

Save yourself the stress and expense of water damage by protecting your commercial building now through waterproofing. Complete waterproofing services include control joints sealants, transition joints, window joints, and door joints. Whether you want to replace deteriorated or delaminated sealant only, or totally removes and install all sealant, A-1 Tropic Painting’s certified waterproofing specialists will find the water leaks, fix them, and re-seal joints to provide a weatherproofed building.

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