Commercial Waterproofing

Your commercial building in South Florida is constantly being exposed to wet conditions. Sometimes it is in the form of rainfall or a tropical storm but is most commonly caused by humidity. Commercial waterproofing in South Florida can go a long way in protecting your property, which can be as big an investment as your home. With so many expenses involved in your property’s upkeep, waterproofing may be the last on your list. However, this is a preventative measure that you can’t afford to neglect, especially in a tropical environment such as South Florida.

What is Waterproofing? 

When you want your property to be resistant to water, you perform a process known as waterproofing. This is performed on the exterior of the building but helps it become more breathable which prevents moisture buildup from occurring inside. It is recommended that you waterproof your building to prevent damage, but if you neglect to do so, the building will reveal the need for waterproofing in multiple ways. 

  • Water enters the space 
  • Floors, walls, and drywall get wet
  • Condensation 
  • Windows develop leaks
  • White stains develop on walls

4 Ways You Benefit from Waterproofing

Water damage can lead to serious problems with the integrity of the building’s foundation, resulting in costly repairs. Furthermore, the damp environment within your building can cause mold and mildew to develop, which can lead to health issues for anyone who enters the building. You are certain to benefit from waterproofing in several ways. 

Save Money

If you hesitate to waterproof your building because you think it’s expensive and unnecessary, consider the cost of damages when flooding does occur. Flood damage is not uncommon in Florida, as it is considered a high-risk state for flooding. Even parts of Florida that are marked as low-risk can experience such damage. In truth, the upfront cost of waterproofing services is nothing compared to the potential out-of-pocket costs when flooding occurs. Additionally, waterproofing puts money towards your investment, as the property value may increase as a result.

Prevents Rot

Consistent exposure to moisture can cause rot to develop in your building. Remember that moisture can attack your property in many forms – rain, humidity, even sprinklers, and drain pipes can wreak havoc to a property. A moist environment is perfect for plants to thrive and as they grow closer to your building, they add to your water problems by holding in moisture which is then dispersed all around them. All of this will result in rot, which can cause the building to collapse if neglected. 

Even buildings that use steel instead of wood can suffer from rot. If the building is not breathable, then rot will form, causing the building to rust. As a result, the foundation will inevitably fail.

UV Resistant

Much like you apply sunscreen to protect your skin against ultraviolet radiation (UV), you must protect a building with waterproofing. This process will add a barrier of protection that helps the building become capable of withstanding harmful UV rays. Many individuals don’t stop to think about this, but UV damage is a possibility among buildings and it can weaken the structure’s material, as well as the contents inside the building.

Increases Energy-Efficiency

If you are constantly scratching your head over ways to save money on your commercial property, this is one solution. Energy costs on your commercial space will decrease, as waterproofing helps buildings become more energy-efficient. By preventing water and moisture to enter, it regulates the temperature inside. As a result, the HVAC system does not have to work harder to compensate for the changes in temperature. This will decrease your electricity bill, putting more money in your wallet or towards expenses that can improve your business.

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