Marianne’s tip of the day.

Never paint a split seam metal roof in Florida in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day.

Painting split seam metal roofs can be challenging in Florida, because the metal roof must be clean and “dry”.

A dry metal roof is a problem at the start of the day because of the dew point and high humidity in south Florida.

If you paint too late in the day, and the paint has not had time to properly cure, the evening dew point can also affect the finish.  Curtaining of the new paint film is possible.

Dark colors need a full coat of primer underneath the new finish coats in order to allow the paint to properly cure.  I usually figure a split seam metal roof job as a 3-coat job.  One (1) full coat of primer, and two (2) finish coats.  With really dark colors you need the second finish coat to get an acceptable hide of the new color over the primer.

What happens when you paint a hot metal roof?  There is a high propensity that it will peel.  Maybe not immediately, but eventually islands of peeled paint can appear.

Never paint a metal roof if you even think it is going to rain within the first 6 or 8 hours.  Nothing is uglier than having to pressure clean and remove paint that re-emulsified and runs off a roof to the ground or sidewalk below.

Been there, seen it.  Won’t do it again!

Florida is blessed at certain times of the year with 100% humidity and no rain.

Marianne McCoy is a 15 year former repaint specifier for Sherwin-Williams.  She joined A-1 Tropic Painting over 5 years ago, and is the company’s Business Manager.



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