Before you hire a commercial painting contractor in South Florida ask these 10 questions

Asking these 10 questions will help you find the right commercial painter for your high-rise job: 

 Is Your Painting Company Insured?

While pricing may be at the top of your list, hiring an insured contractor is one of the most important factors when selecting a commercial painting contractor. Ask for insurance and call their carrier to confirm it is active. They should have two types of insurance:

Comprehensive Business Liability: This protects your property from damage. Make sure the contractor holds the minimum $1 million liability coverage limit.

Workers’ Compensation: This protects workers and you from liability throughout the duration of the project. It is an expensive investment so be sure that the contractor you choose can show you proof of their coverage. 

 How Long Will the Painting Project Take?

Keeping your tenants happy is as (if not more) important as improving the appearance of your commercial building. It is important to confirm that a work plan has been established for your project and the specific dates set for your property. Is the contractor working on other projects at the same time? If so, know if this will impact the progress on your project. Ask for specifics and get it in writing as you’ll need to inform your tenants of what is going on and when.

 When is the Work Schedule?

Ask for the daily start and end times. Will work take place on the weekend? What are the weather contingency plans? Also, ask if any special accommodations need to be made during this time. Do tenants and/or customers need to move their cars? Will any entrances be blocked? Get enough information to effectively communicate project details with your tenants throughout the project duration.

 Who Is On Your Team and What Are Their Qualifications?

Many painting companies use subcontractors rather than employees since they are more cost-effective. But subcontractors pose a liability for you. Cheap labor often compromises quality; background checks are usually not run, and it’s likely that the contractor does not have Workers’ Compensation insurance for them. Hire a contractor whose team is made of employees who receive regular training to guarantee the quality of work and the safety of your tenants.

 Who Will Manage My Painting Project?

Have a qualified project manager lead your job if you are not working directly with the owner or estimator. They should provide you with a full scope of work; quality assurance measures; how each phase of the project will be performed; and a detailed walkthrough of the final product.

 What Are Your Safety Precautions? 

Safety is key for both the contractor and the client. Choose a company that has an established safety protocol and training program. Ask for a safety policy. Haphazard work practices can result in damage to your property and increase your liability.

 How Do You Ensure a Clean Worksite?

This is particularly important for buildings that will be occupied during the project. Ask who is in charge of clean up, what happens to the trash at the end of the day, how will the area be protected, etc. Make sure you and the contractor share the same standards when it comes to a clean worksite.

 What Quality of Paint and Materials Do You Use?

Lower quotes are tempting, but they often come at a cost. The quality of paint, stains and other materials will impact the way your building looks and how long your paint lasts. Get in writing what types of products will be used to make sure cheaper substitutes aren’t being made during the project.

 How Will the Supplies Be Stored?

No one likes surprises, so be sure to ask how and where supplies will be stored at the end of the day. The last thing you want is to see cans and other materials lying around your property or blocking walkways.

What Does Your Warranty Cover?

Make sure your investment is protected. Trust that the company you are working with will be in businesses throughout the duration of the warranty. One to three-year warranties is most common as this is when most damage occurs. Also, note what is not covered. Labor and materials should be covered for defects. Get everything in writing.

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