The best thing about owning a place of your own is the complete privacy that you can enjoy. You can have parties and gatherings whenever you want to. You have a space that is just your own. Before you can do any of that, you have to ensure that your space is fit for usage by you and by the people that you want to invite over.

One of the most important things you have to do is your condominium’s waterproofing. Miami Beach is a city that sees a lot of water damage since the ocean is so close. However, condominium waterproofing is recommended, regardless of your location. In the article below, we will discuss some of the best techniques for waterproofing your home.

Waterproofing before Construction

If you’re having your condo constructed, then you can ask your contractor to take the necessary measures to waterproof your home. At this step, your contractor can use a high-quality waterproofing liquid and cement to waterproof all the major surfaces in your home, such as your floor, walls, and ceilings. There are many liquids available in the market that act as condominium sealants. Miami beach faces a lot of water damage, which means that this waterproofing is necessary.

When the waterproofing liquid is mixed with cement and sand in the right proportions, you will notice that it does a great job of protecting your condominium. This technique for waterproofing is the one that is most thorough as it happens during construction. If you think of waterproofing during this time, you are essentially waterproofing all of the foundations, which can make your home safer.

Waterproofing your Terrace, Roof, or Balcony

It’s unlikely that you will have an exposed roof. However, if you have a balcony or terrace, which is someplace that water can enter, then it’s necessary that you waterproof this area too. Your terrace and roof need much attention since a minute crack in the surface here can exacerbate and grow into a bigger problem. Your terrace and balcony are also the most exposed places to the element, so any issues here can grow very quickly. Thus, waterproofing them is essential.

You waterproof these areas by cleaning them and filling any cracks you see. You can fill the crack by using the crack-fill paste or powder. You would need something more polymer-based with latex for further protection in case of much larger cracks. You have to let it dry. Once the mixture is dry, you can then move to cover the crack with another waterproof material or a roof guard.

Waterproofing Plasters

If you live in an older condominium, you may also have to waterproof any peeling plasters. If you can see any water damage around your home or if there is a leakage anywhere, you have to replace plasters. Old plasters can be an inlet for moistures, bacteria, mold, and dampness. It needs your immediate attention; otherwise, it can be destructive to your home.

You can use a powerful acrylic two-component system to provide a better barrier against the water. You could also work on using a polymer-based mortar to replace the plaster. The polymer will not allow water to enter your home through the walls, which might take you a little bit of labor and time to do. However, it is wildly effective, so many people recommend it.

Waterproof Walls before you Paint

When you’re moving into a new home, you will repaint the walls. However, repainting provides a great opportunity to waterproof before the paints. You can ask a professional to come in and do their best to cure the walls before painting them. An expert will first examine the walls to understand if they have a lot of moisture dispelling components.

Once they have understood how much moisture there is, they will formulate a technique for curing and tell you the products they will use.

You must do this process before you paint your room as it can save you a lot of trouble. It will also make your paint job smoother, and your paint job will also last for a longer period.

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