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Florida gets its fair share of annual moisture. It comes in the form of daily rains, tropical storms, and sea spray. Thus, it’s important to choose the right sealants to waterproof your Palm Beach, FL property. 

Why is Waterproofing Needed? 

Waterproofing is important to protect your home and other spaces from the effects of excess moisture. Constant rain and humidity combined with Florida’s heat increase the risk of mold, mildew, and other rot on porches and patios. If you live close to a source of salt water, rust and corrosion can form on the metal.  

Moisture damage is the harshest when it comes to asphalt. First, constant changes in temperature cause the material to stretch to the point that cracks appear. When moisture gets in these openings it makes them expand even more. Hence, the reason why commercial sealants are absolutely necessary for protection. 

Why Commercial-Based Sealants? 

Commercial-based sealants are considerably stronger than those made for residential spaces. This is required to extend the life of new parking areas or paths in the sometimes-uncomfortable climate of Palm Beach, FL. Without the use of these sealants, your return on investment in upgrades or renovations is much less. 

What Makes a Good Sealant? 

A proper commercial-based sealant allows for continual expansion and contraction over time. One reason for this is the product is commonly used at the intersection of different materials. It also requires flexibility to seal vertical and horizontal joints. Many of these are located in exterior spaces.  

Residential-based sealants may not be as flexible to handle Florida’s climate. In turn, it may not create a proper waterproof closure around a space. If this happens, then moisture continues to seep into areas. Plus, it won’t contract and expand as the environment shifts.  

Where to Use Commercial-Based Sealants 

Professionals utilize commercial-based sealants on their buildings. It’s also used on driveways, parking lots, and paths to maintain their usefulness. In this instance, the sealant is a liquid that’s spread on its surface. 

In the case of a building, a commercial-based sealant is used for exterior trim, doors, windows, and gutters. It comes as a caulk-like paste that is paintable to match other areas. Inside, the sealant is placed around sinks, bathtubs, and showers. This creates a waterproof seal to prevent moisture from seeping behind walls to prevent mold and mildew. 

Tips to Apply Commercial-Based Sealant 

The first thing to do before you apply a commercial-based sealant to an area is making sure it’s clean and free of debris. Dirt and other material prevent the creation of a solid seal. Additionally, make sure the area is dry before application. 

Although there are some commercial-based sealants that come in a squeezable tube, try to find ones that require a caulk gun. These usually contain more product. Plus, you have the capability to control the bead. 

Finally, once you cover a space with sealant, use a special tool instead of your finger to spread it around. This creates an even spread for a tight seal. 

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