Although small, there are differences between residential and commercial painting jobs, which people don’t usually understand. It is one of the important things you need to stay informed about before hiring painters for your projects. 

So, here are some of the differences between residential and commercial painting jobs. But let’s first define the two types of painting jobs to understand their differences better! 

Residential Painting 

Residential painting or house painting involves painting a house’s interior and exterior. It is not as complicated as commercial painting, so some people do it themselves. However, it is always better to hire a professional painting service. Today, some apps allow you to simulate the color on a photo, so you can imagine what your house will look like in a specific paint. 

Commercial Painting 

As its name suggests, commercial painting involves painting commercial buildings, usually large companies. Although not the case with every commercial establishment, most commercial painting jobs need to be more functional than aesthetic. Some require to be more focused on visuals depending on their nature of business. 

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Painting Projects

Project’s Scope 

The most significant difference between residential and commercial painting is the scale of these two projects. Commercial projects are bigger and more complex and require extensive planning and more human and material resources. It’s the scope of the project that is the major differing criteria.  

The scale of a multi-family complex is no different from a commercial painting project. Residential painting projects are usually smaller but require skilled labor to paint the rooms’ moldings and corners. Likewise, the equipment used is smaller. 


Commercial establishments cannot be closed for long, and therefore, despite the more extensive scale and more complexities involved, they have short deadlines. For this, more workers are on the job to complete the task in a short period of time. Most commercial painting work is done for many hours a day and sometimes overnight. 

However, the residential painting involves minor details and corners to take care of, which the painting companies do in stages. The work of a house painting can also slow down a bit if its habitants are living in it while the painting is in progress. 

Flexibility in Timings 

Also, if the establishment is not closed, commercial painters try to be flexible with the company’s schedule in terms of time. They can work odd hours to not interrupt the company’s activities.  

In contrast, residential painting can be done at any time, on weekends, holidays, etc. They usually do not agree to work odd hours unless compensated. 

Types of Paint 

One of the most prominent differences between the two is the type of paint. Commercial paints are often limited in color, while residential paints are more varied. Commercial locations indeed require more prep work to remove dirt, buildup, grime, etc., but commercial-grade paint is easy to apply. However, residential paint involves many prep and priming processes. They are more colorful and require special care and attention to detail than commercial paints. 

In addition, since residential painting is more about aesthetics, the home painters do not compromise on the quality of the paint. On the other hand, commercial painters care less about the quality but do not compromise on the quantity. 

Moreover, business owners are unwilling to spend more on quality except for hotels and restaurants, while most homeowners focus on this very criterion. Also, since the paint quantity is much higher in commercial painting, spending more on the quality can add to the cost. 

Services Provided 

Major differences lie between the services provided by commercial painters and residential painters. While residential painters know how to remove wallpapers and repair drywall and plaster and other minor work with their tools, commercial painters offer sandblasting, metal plating, epoxy paint, and other specialized options.  

However, regardless of the techniques used, a good company offering residential or commercial painting in Palm Beach, FL, needs to match your needs and provide customized services. One selection criteria for hiring a painting company requires you to check the full list of services they offer. 

Residential painters do both dry and covered wall painting, ceiling roof and fence painting, exterior painting, sealing in the cracks with putty, etc. On the other hand, services offered by commercial painters are often more tailored and include interior and exterior painting for hotels and other techniques, such as pressure washing. Sometimes, commercial painting companies also provide additional services, such as waterproofing, which is something to consider when hiring one for your commercial establishment. 

Commercial Painting, Palm Beach, FL

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