1. Cost

Commercial waterproofing costs more than the same service for a condominium. Since the need for commercial waterproofing is greater than that for condominium waterproofing, the cost for commercial waterproofing needs to be higher. Since commercial buildings are more complex in terms of structure, maintenance, and the materials employed in construction, the cost of commercial waterproofing is usually higher than that of condominium-related work.


2. Quality

The quality of condominium waterproofing exceeds that of commercial waterproofing. Commercial waterproofing cannot offer the highest quality due to the complexity and scale of the buildings involved in this type of construction. Since the overall cost involved in commercial construction is higher than that of its residential counterpart, less can be allocated for waterproof applications. This means that more effort is required to ensure that quality is maintained.


3. Installation Time

Commercial properties require a longer installation time than condominiums because they are more complex due to their structure and building materials. The installation time has to be extended accordingly. For condominium-related waterproofing, applying a high-quality waterproofing agent usually takes five days, with an additional one or two days to clean up the application area. For commercial waterproofing, the installation of the waterproofing agent may require an extra week or two due to its complexity.


4. Coordination

The coordination between the waterproofing contractor and the architect or engineer is different for condominium and commercial work. This is because condominium projects are usually single-family homes that do not require strict coordination between these parties. However, for commercial properties, it is necessary to ensure that all parties involved in constructing multistory buildings or projects are in sync with one another. This is important since there are many things to consider, such as structure, design, and materials used in construction.


5. Complexity

Both condominium and commercial waterproofing are complex in nature. However, it has been shown that the complexity of condominium-related waterproofing is less than that of commercial buildings. Residential properties usually include roof waterproofing and basement waterproofing. On the other hand, commercial buildings include roof, foundation, basement, and interior wall waterproofing. The complexity of commercial buildings means that they require more waterproofing applications than residential buildings.


6. Design and Structure

The design and structure of commercial roofs, foundations, and walls are more involved than those of condominiums. Commercial buildings need to follow strict engineering and design guidelines to comply with safety and environmental protection standards. The same conditions bind condominium buildings, but commercial buildings have more requirements for design and structure than condominium projects.


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