You work hard to keep your business in top shape, making smart investments and providing the best experience for your customers. When it comes to renovating your building’s flooring, it helps to keep that attitude and look to the future. The commercial epoxy flooring is all the rage these days for its resistance against mishandling while maintaining a clean, shiny look, reducing cleaning and maintenance and providing a more welcoming environment. 

The epoxy flooring has an excellent quality-price ratio. It is one of the most affordable and durable options on the market. It charms with its aestheticism with a shiny finish and its ease of maintenance. 

Below are the top reasons why you should opt for epoxy flooring for your commercial project, but before that let’s discuss what epoxy is and its features! 

What is Epoxy? 

Epoxy is a surface coating composed of a resin and a hardener. When the two components come into contact, a chemical reaction occurs and transforms the preparation into a solid and resistant product. Generally, the resin is transparent while the hardener is colored. 

An epoxy floor provides maximum resistance: 

  • Traffic, wear and abrasion 
  • Oil and Gasoline 
  • Chemical products 
  • Water, humidity and mold 
  • Fire 

Therefore, epoxy is an excellent choice for commercial flooring projects and floors in hospitals and healthcare clinics. It is also ideal for installations that require an impeccable level of hygiene, such as restaurant and daycare floors. 

If the concrete floor is cracked, epoxy can be used to fill the cracks and protect your floors and foundation. Its installation does not require a joint, reducing the risk of water infiltration. 

In addition, epoxy is suitable for virtually all commercial flooring applications. It can give your commercial project a refreshing, long-lasting look while resisting damage from passing people and vehicles, cartwheels, spills, cleaning, and rubbing. It is highly stained-resistant and will not rot or flake, unlike other flooring solutions. An epoxy floor can even be cleaned with harsh chemicals or pressure washing without affecting its characteristics. 

Below are the top five reasons you should choose epoxy for commercial flooring! 

Reasons to Choose Epoxy for Your Commercial Project 

  1. Sustainable and Profitable 

Epoxy floors can withstand constant use while maintaining their original appearance for years. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial projects or a surface you want to keep for a long time. With many design and style choices available, epoxy is suitable for public spaces, garages, high traffic businesses and homes. 

  1. Highly Customizable 

Epoxy is a highly customizable product. There are about ten basic colors that can be combined to obtain many personalized colors. It is possible to choose the color and finish and even integrate a pattern or a logo on the surface. 

  • Solid finish: one color; 
  • Flake finish: vinyl flakes can be added to the epoxy to change its decorative appearance 
  • Metallic finish: metallic powder can be added to the epoxy. The metallic finish offers a unique product for each application. 
  1. Protects Concrete Floors 

Epoxy compounds have long been used to protect concrete flooring in garages and basements. Durable and reliable, epoxy flooring can provide superior protection for large concrete surfaces. It is also ideal for reducing wear and tearing on concrete in commercial buildings, hospitals, and other areas. If you need epoxy coating and waterproofing, South Florida services, these solutions are generally the best way to obtain beautiful floors and easy maintenance. 

  1. Easy Maintenance 

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain, making them an exceptional choice for surfaces that you want to protect for a long time. Many companies offering services of flooring and waterproofing in South Florida provide low-maintenance options for concrete floors that can simplify cleaning and provide you with a cleaner, better-looking environment for your home, business or healthcare facility. 

  1. An Aesthetic and Safer Floor 

In addition to having several advantages, the epoxy flooring is also appreciated for its aesthetics. It is a coating that enhances the luminosity of your commercial project thanks to its light reflection. Its finish leaves a glossy side that attracts attention. There’s a wide range of colors you can choose from and thus personalize your commercial flooring.   

Besides being aesthetic, it provides optimal safety. For example, you have a garage, mainly used for storage or a cabin for cars. Therefore, epoxy flooring is the ideal choice to maximize its safety. This coating is perfect since it reduces the risk of injury or falls, being non-slippery. 

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