As the owner of a commercial building or a high-rise, you’ll know how tedious, time-consuming, and expensive it can be to get your building exterior painted, especially the metal parts of the building. Over time, paint chips off or gets damaged by rain, wind, and sun. A great way to avoid this is by trying out Commercial Electrostatic Painting. Say goodbye to rust and paint wastage too.

What is Electrostatic Paint?

Commercial Electrostatic painting is when electric particles are positively charged by a spray gun and transferred onto a negatively charged surface. The process works because of the principle that particles that have a negative charge attract those particles that have a positive charge, whereas particles with a positive charge repel other positively charged particles. 

The paint is in a spray bottle with a positively charged electron in the nozzle. This electron charges the paint particles. When the particles all have a positive charge, they follow the principle we outlined and end up repelling each other. They break apart from each other, resulting in an even spray of the paint. Paint particles with a positive charge are attracted to surfaces with a negative charge, and the paint is drawn towards those surfaces. Once the surface is fully coated, it stops attracting more paint.

Where Can You Use Electrostatic Paint?

Electrostatic paint can only be used on grounded metal surfaces. It is used to spray paint onto large surfaces and is difficult to reach places. 

The electrostatic paint process is used to enhance and restore the metal parts of buildings. In a commercial building, this would include windows, metal fences, doors, balconies, entrance gates, streetlight poles, pedestrian fences, catwalk railings, staircase railings, and safety railings, among other metal surfaces.

What are the Advantages of Commercial Electrostatic Painting?

Commercial Electrostatic painting offers you several advantages over traditional paint. These advantages include:

Faster Drying Time

The coating of electrostatic paint can cure overnight. To fully cure it may take between 12 to 24 hours, but the great thing is that you can touch a painted surface after a few hours without worrying about ruining the paint job. For convenience, you can get the painting done on the weekend and then go about your business as usual on Monday morning. 

Reduced Overspray

Electrostatic paint has a transfer rate of 98%. This means that almost all of the paint coming out of the spray nozzle reaches the desired surface, and less than 2% of the paint is wasted. Unlike regular spray paint, electrostatic paint does not get sprayed in every direction. The paint only adheres to grounded or negatively charged surfaces. It can also reach small crevices and corners where a paintbrush would not reach.

Lower VOC Emissions 

Most paints and varnishes contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are used to preserve the paint and make it resistant to corrosion. However, VOCs can be dangerous for your health and cause air pollution. Because of the reduced overspray of electrostatic paint, the amount of VOCs emitted into the air is also reduced. 


Electrostatic paint is highly durable and makes metal surfaces resistant to harsh environmental conditions. You won’t need to worry about your metal surfaces rusting or corroding when they have a coat of electrostatic paint. The paint holds up well against water, sun, and wind.  

A Factory-like Finish 

The quality of the paint job is excellent. This is partly because of the nature of the paint. It coats grounded or negatively charged surfaces completely and evenly. Once a surface is fully covered, the paint is then attracted to any corners or crevices left uncoated. This leads to a factory-like finish of the paint. 

A More Cost-Effective Solution 

Because there is no overspray, paint does not get wasted. It also requires less clean-up. The paint is also quite durable and lasts for many years. All of this together means that commercial electrostatic painting is a much more cost-effective solution as compared to traditional painting. 

Resistant to Cleaning Solutions

You can use most chemical cleaning solutions to clean your metal surfaces without worrying about the paint becoming damaged or worn. 

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