Roof of commercial building

If you own a commercial business, whether it be an office building or a warehouse, it is important that you take care of your roof. Regular commercial roof maintenance can help prolong the structural integrity and durability of your building. Commercial roofing contractors and the help of a checklist can help you maintain your roof with ease.

Inspect the Interior of Your Building

Start by doing a careful inspection of the inside of your building. You will want to look closely at the ceilings and walls for any signs of water damage. Signs of water damage include:

  • Drips
  • Leaks
  • Water stains
  • Peeling paint

If you notice any signs of water damage, check to see if it is a compromised roof causing the problem or another source. If it is your roof, make sure you contact qualified roofing contractors near you for further assistance.

Inspect the Roof for Signs of Damages

After you finish inspecting the interior, make sure you check the roof. Damages to the roof may vary in visibility and severity depending on the type of roof you have. For instance, if your commercial building has a flat roof, keep an eye out for any holes, blisters, or punctures to the roofing system. You should also keep an eye out for ponding water, which is water that remains puddled on the surface of the roof for more than 48 hours after the rain stops.

If you have a metal roofing system, look for missing screw heads, bent metal panels, and signs of rust or corrosion. If you notice any of the issues mentioned, make sure you contact commercial roofing experts near you for help. The quicker you address any problems, the less likely they are to turn into expensive woes.

Schedule Routine Maintenance for Your Roof

Even with a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your building, you may miss some potential issues. Anyone with an untrained eye who is not familiar with potential problems roofing systems have would miss certain signs of damage. Make sure you schedule regular, routine maintenance for your commercial roof. You can search for roofing services near me to find qualified contractors in your area.

Invest in Proper Roof Sealing Services

Another great addition to any commercial roofing and waterproofing checklist is to invest in roof sealing services. For instance, silicone roof coating acts as a sealant to your roof, which prevents water and moisture from penetrating through and damaging your roofing system. It creates a watertight layer that seals ad protects your roof in one simple application.

Address Snow Removal Immediately

When snowy whether hits, it is especially important to maintain your roof. Make sure you clear snow off your roof. You can hire a professional commercial roofing team near you to get the job done. Just search for roofing services near me to find out how to easily address standing snow on your roof. Leaving snow on the roof of your business could eventually lead to water damage. As the snow melts, it leaves water behind, which can create issues for your roofing system.

Contact a Professional Roofing Company

Make sure you get in touch with a professional commercial roofing today to find out more about maintenance and other services. Call A-1 Tropic Painting & Waterproofing today. Friendly commercial roofing contractors will answer all your questions and provide you with recommendations that best suit your needs.

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